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Diver Coming Up With Sponges, TARPON SPRINGS, 
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Diver Coming Up With Sponges, TARPON SPRINGS, 

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my friend in japan found a really cool book

japan is more knowledgable about our curse words than you or i ever suspected

lmao the red text on the cover flap says something like “please avoid using these repeatedly around people you don’t know”

My president.

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La Roux - Kiss and Not tell

This album marked the summer.

I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world.

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via teenager90s)

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In 1735 General James Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia, established a post manned by 50 soldiers, finding the island so beautiful that he renamed it in honor of Princess Amelia, sister of George II.

Florida, A Guide To the Southernmost State (WPA, 1939)

Images from Dan Caruso’s American Guide Instagram takeover. Follow him on his own IG account, jonnyoptimo.

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Dan Caruso is a Guide to Illinois and Wisconsin. He grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Chicago to get his masters degree in architecture. He currently works as a project manager for a small local architecture firm, is trying to break into real estate, and wishes he was a photographer. You can see Dan’s photographs on flickr and his tumblr page, He also likes to keep his trigger finger loose on instagram.

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Cammi Upton is an artist and self-proclaimed “cryptofluffologist” who creates awesomely detailed hand-embroidered movie monsters. Her process is incredibly painstaking, but the fantastically ghastly results she achieves groan growl howl speak for themselves.

I start by blocking out the piece in a few different colors of felt and then I cover the entire piece in stitches with sewing and embroidery thread. It’s an extremely time consuming process since I do it all by hand. I bring them with me everywhere in the hopes that I’ll get a chance to work on them!

Head over to Cammi Upton’s website or follow her Instagram account to check out more of her monstrous art and other works of Cryptofluff.

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Holy jesus, I am in love.

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